Posted: Thursday, August 7, 2008

Man Butchered on Greyhound Bus

This incredible murder, with the decapitation, disembowelment and accounts of cannibalism has gotten everyone's attention. Most of the gory facts have come out already, including a leaked police radio transmission, which mentioned that the killer had eaten some of his victim. Now it will take 3 or more years to wind through the Canadian courts, and likely he will be deemed 'not criminally responsible' or what was previously referred to as insane. It matters little to me if he spends the rest of his life in a mental institution or a penitentiary. However, IT IS LIKELY THAT HE WILL BE RELEASED EVENTUALLY! That is my main concern that he will be released someday. I ask why? He cannot be rehabilitated in a penitentiary and he cannot be cured of his mental illness in a mental institution–so how can he ever be released? That this 'man' was capable of his monstrous actions is all we as citizens need to know and the fact that he should not even be considered fit to ever walk the streets again.

This murder case is incredibly disturbing and shocking, but respectfully you have not seen anything yet. There occurred on July 1st, 2003 a crime that along with this recent horror show will go down in Winnipeg crime history. On December 1st, 2008 the murder trial of Sydney Teerhuis who stands accused of a murder/dismemberment horror spectacle begins. If you are concerned, outraged, disturbed or shocked by this most recent murder–wait till you hear all the horrific details concerning the trial starting December 1st. There are details that will change your mind forever about your fellow man and our trusted judicial system. Truly shocking is an understatement. Many people have found the current video to be disturbing–just wait till the trial has concluded and watch for the new video–uncensored, undeniably true and almost unbelievable in it's horror. Stay tuned.

Posted: Thursday, August 7, 2008

Am I the only one alarmed...?

Letters: April 23


Letter of the Day Murder capital

Am I the only one alarmed in advance of what looks like the most murderous year in Winnipeg's history? With 14 murders so far and April is not even finished and given that in the summer the monthly murder rate is much higher, when you extrapolate, we are slated to have 45 murders this year! At least! That will re-establish our city as Canada's murder capital once again. What to do? Read the articles written by Robert Marshall, Tom Brodbeck and often Gordon Macfarlane, to keep informed of the gross misscarriage of justice that our court system has became. And please, the Sun should cover extensively the murder trial of Sydney Teerhuis. It will shock even you.

Dan Zupansky Winnipeg

(Not a lot shocks us.)

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