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Stolen Movie Necklace Found at Murder Scene

By Guylaine Cadorette - Wednesday, July 16, 2003

HOLLYWOOD - A strange connection has been uncovered between Susan Sarandon and a grisly murder in Canada.

On July 1, $4,000 worth of costume jewelry worn by Sarandon in Miramax's Shall We Dance?, which also stars Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere, was reported stolen from the film's prop room on the Winnipeg, Manitoba, set, The New York Post reports.

On July 2, a 38-year-old Ontario man was found stabbed and decapitated in a low-end hotel room in downtown Winnipeg. Just feet away from the body lay the very necklace reported missing. Police said the victim, Robin Robert Greene, had stolen the bauble, but did not known how he got onto the set or whether anyone involved with the film's production knew him.

Manitoba native Sydney Teerhuis, 33, turned himself into the Winnipeg police, saying he believed he had committed a murder. According to police, Teerhuis lead them to the gruesome crime scene at Winnipeg's Royal Albert Arms Hotel, where they discovered Greene's dismembered body. A search of the room uncovered the Shall We Dance? necklace.

Teerhuis was charged with second-degree murder and is being held without bail pending trial. No motive has been established, and detectives do not know if the necklace was a factor in the murder.

The jewelry has since been returned to the movie production and Miramax has confirmed security on the film's set has been beefed up since the murder.

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After Susan Sarandon’s jewelry was stolen on the set of Shall We Dance? Sarandon told the Edmonton Sun,"The whole thing was very CSI. The police were all over my trailer, taking fingerprints of me and my wardrobe person and my driver and interviewing everybody. So I took Polaroids of them to send to my boys at camp because they were very into CSI at that point."

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