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Trophy Kill: The Shall We Dance Murder by Dan Zupansky (April 2010)

Trophy Kill by Dan Zupansky

Heed The Warnings
Review by Kim Cantrell

I have read countless true crime books over the past 20+ years, but none – NOT A SINGLE ONE – has ever left me reeling like Dan Zupansky’s Trophy Kill:  The “Shall We Dance” Murder.

While Susan Sarandon, Richard Gere, and Jennifer Lopez filmed the 2004 movie Shall We Dance in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Robin Green would slip into a trailer and steal Sarandon’s valuable necklace.

Later Green would approach Sidney Teerhuis in a bar in an effort to sell his ill-gotten gain.  Although Teerhuis declined to purchase the necklace, the two men would instead strike another deal:  an afternoon of sex in room 309 of the Royal Albert Arms Hotel.

Green had no way of knowing he’d just made a deal with the devil himself.

The murder of Green by suspected serial killer Teerhuis defies the imagination. 

Author Dan Zupansky connected with Teerhuis through an incarcerated friend and began a correspondence that would leave Zupansky fearing for his life.

In his 2010 book Trophy Kill, Zupansky journals his way through his initial contact with a psychotic killer to the Teerhuis trial.  (And let me say this…American readers, you think our justice system is lenient?  Ha!  Meet Canada!)

Initially I had trouble getting into the rhythm of Zupansky’s writing style, but in no time I found myself hooked.

And disgusted.  I should have heeded the warnings that preceded chapters eight and nine.

Straight from the jackass’ mouth (Teerhuis), readers are given a very detailed, extremely gruesome first hand account of what occurred in room 309 on July 1, 2003.

It was like NOTHING I have ever read in true crime before.   I’ve used the term “raw” before but I was misusing it – this book contains two chapters that are truly raw.

As a general rule, I am not a fan of numerous chapters that are straight from the trial transcripts, but somehow it worked here.  Whether because it followed such intense reading and unbelievably graphic illustrations or the new exposure to Canadian court procedures, I can’t say.

The only thing I would change about this book would be the title.  While Trophy Kill is appropriate, the subtitle of The “Shall We Dance” Murder implies a stronger Hollywood connection; to which there isn’t.

But it’s not enough to keep me from recommending Trophy Kill:  The “Shall We Dance” Murder by Dan Zupansky.

Just be sure to brace yourself.

For more information on this case and to view videos, visit www.trophykill.tv.   Also, tune in to Dan Zupansky’s radio talk show True Murder on Wednesdays.

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